In addition to the resources and information produced by Heart Kids NZ, you can also find a list of services organisations and related links that may be useful to heart families

Staying in Hospital

Preparing your child for hospital admission and surgery

Preparing your child for hospital Parents feel worried and anxious when their child needs to go to hospital. These feelings are normal and natural. A stay in hospital whether for a few hours or several weeks can be a constructive, maturing experience for the whole family. Here are some ways in which you and your child can be helped to reduce the stress of a visit to hospital. Hospital Family Support worker Diane Pope has extensive experience as a hospital play specialist and has prepared a countless amount of children for different procedures, watch the video here.  


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Additional support and information for PRENATAL parents

We understand it can be stressful relocating to Auckland at an already overwhelming time.

This brochure is designed to take some of this stress away. Our aim is to provide practical advice to help your transition to Auckland go as smoothly as possible. Once you have arrived in Auckland, you may wish to contact Heart Kids.

They cover:

  • Accommodation in Auckland
  • Everyday needs
  • Emotional support
  • Caring for your children
  • Who pays?

Brochure 2 for Prenatal Parents

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Brochure 1 for Prenatal Parents

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Delayed Surgeries

The issue of delayed surgeries and hospital waiting lists was discussed at a special meeting between concerned heart families and Dr Tom Gentles, the Head of Paediatric Cardiology at Starship Hospital.

Heart Kids was pleased to be able to facilitate and host this meeting in September 2019 which went some way in allaying fears but also explaining to heart families the ins and outs of what is a very complicated, but not unique, situation.

The meeting was recorded and, having been split into four parts, now sits on our YouTube channel.

Click the following links to watch the recording:

Additional information explaining delays and waiting lists will soon be made available here.