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Little Heart Day 2020

Little Heart Day Posters

Our Little Heart Day poster boy George is the hero of our preschool poster and gorgeous Saphire-Rose is our poster girl for our school poster.  If you are holding an event in your workplace - please feel free to use either of these posters!  The more posters you put around, the more people will know about your event!

LHD Preschool Poster 2020.pdf

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LHD Schools & Workplaces Poster 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Event Poster

For those of you holding an event as part of  Little Heart Day, we've created a poster that you can personalise with the details of your event. 

For example: 

We are having:  a cookie stand

When: Friday 14th February at 11:00am

Where: Room 12


LHD Event Poster 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Cake Stand Cards and Tags

Thinking of selling cookies or cupcakes this Little Heart Day? Why not use some of our cool Little Heart Day tags to tie your cookie bags (these labels fit on Avery C32300 precut labels which you can find here or you can just print and cut them out yourselves. We also have some personalised pricing cards to print on cardboard, fold and display on your stand.

LHD Printable tags 2020.pdf

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LHD cake stand price cards 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Recipes

For those of you holding a bake sale on Little Heart Day we have made things easier for you by providing two delicious recipes for biscuits and cupcakes. These recipes are simple to follow and you should have most of the ingredients in your pantry.

LHD Cupcake recipe 2020.pdf

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LHD Heart Biscuits recipe 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Bunting

Our Little Heart Day bunting is super easy to make - all you need is a colour printer, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and some string. Your bunting will be an awesome addition to your Little Heart Day event!  Print out as many flags as you like, cut them out and hang them on a piece of string for a cool decoration.

LHD Bunting 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Facts and Info

All around the world February 14th is also International Congenital Heart Defect Day, why not use the day as an opportunity to teach your students/workmates about the heart?  Here's a few fun facts to start you off plus some more info about CHD's and the work Heart Kids does in New Zealand.

LHD Facts about Heart Kids and the heart 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Banking Instructions

When Little Heart Day is all over - please refer to this sheet as to how to bank your funds. We'd really appreciate it if funds could be banked promptly post February 14th.

LHD Banking instructions 2020.pdf

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Little Heart Day Email Signature 2020

We've created an email signature that you can put at the top or bottom of your emails, this will show your friends, family and colleagues that you are taking part in Little Heart Day and will also help spread the word about this event.

LHD Email Signature 2020.jpg

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Workplace fundrasing ideas

For those of you holding a Little Heart Day at work, download this flyer with some extra ideas about how to go about it.

LHD Workplace Hero Info flyer 2020.pdf

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