In addition to the resources and information produced by Heart Kids NZ, you can also find a list of services organisations and related links that may be useful to heart families

We have a variety of easy to understand publications and online information resources available to help heart families learn more about childhood heart conditions and what to expect.

Staying in Hospital

Preparing your child for hospital. Parents feel worried and anxious when their child needs to go to hospital. These feelings are normal and natural. A stay in hospital whether for a few hours or several weeks can be a constructive, maturing experience for the whole family. Here are some ways in which you and your child can be helped to reduce the stress of a visit to hospital. There is lots of different information and tips on issues like what to tell your child through to how to mange your return home.

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Heart Children Growing Up

The needs of adults with a Congenital Heart Defect are very different from the needs of those who acquire a heart condition in their adult life, due to lifestyle choice. If you are an adult with a congenital heart defect, you have come to the right place. You can find out further information on a range of topics including returning to school, exercise, and pregnancy.

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Heart Conditions & Medical Treatment

Heart Kids recommends a number of different website that have some great information and resources for people wishing to know more about the various heart conditions. We also have a brochure about Rheumatic Fever and living with Rheumatic Heart Disease.

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Information and Resources about Heart Kids

There are a number of brochures and publications that Heart Kids produces which will help heart families learn more about childhood heart conditions and the services provided at Heart Kids. These publications and information are written by parents and medical professionals for us by parents, teachers, nurses and anyone affected by a childhood heart condition.

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Little Heart Day 2020

February 14th is special for a number of reasons – not only is it Valentine’s Day, it is also Little Heart Day, or International CHD day. It is the day we recognise the 1 in every 100 children who are born with broken hearts around the world. You can show your love in a different way this Valentines Day and register to hold a Little Heart Day at your work, local school or preschool. Wear red, hold a bake sale, learn about the heart, the options are endless! All funds raised help support children, like little George above, who are born with broken hearts.

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Privacy Policy

It is with the support of people like you, that Heart Kids NZ can continue helping Kiwi kids and families. We would like to keep in touch with you and keep you informed about our work. We recognise the importance of your privacy and the safeguarding of your personal information. We are very careful with your details and will only use them to contact you about issues we believe will be important to you.

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