Roche - CoaguChek Machine INR strips Alert

Heart Kids have been made aware of an issue that may affect people using CoaguChek machines and INR strips.   It relates to those members that are using INR test strips to check levels of blood thinners dosage. This is either by a provided CoaguChek kit or testing through your Doctor or Chemist.

Roche, the manufacturer of these strips, has identified an issue with the volatility of some of the higher end values of above 4.5 INR. As a result, Roche is in the process of producing new strips.

Heart Kids has sent out the detailed information to all of its member via email.  However, if you haven’t received anything and this potentially affects you or your family, please feel free to contact the Family Support Team for a copy of the information.  

Roche has also set up a help desk: phone 0508 69 5433 or email [email protected] where questions can be directed to.

We understand that this may cause some concern for some of our families so please feel free to also talk with your GP, Cardiac Nurse Specialist or Homecare Nurse, or one of our Family Support Staff as well.

Created on: 13 September 2018