MMR & Flu Vaccine Update

Health authorities will start giving babies their first measles vaccine at a younger age in Auckland, in an effort to curb the region's outbreak of the disease.  The Auckland Regional Public Health Service and Ministry of Health are asking doctors to bring forward the MMR vaccination from 15 months to one year. Clinical director Dr Julia Peters said the change was being made immediately to protect those most vulnerable. So far this year there have been 104 cases of measles in Auckland, of which 43 percent were under five years old. Dr Peters said supplies of the measles vaccine were assured, and health authorities were also asking doctors to recall all children under five who missed out on their first vaccine.

As winter sets in, so too has the influenza virus. Parents with children who are vulnerable, like heart kids, are being assured the nationwide shortage of the influenza vaccine should not affect those who need it most. Pharmac has confirmed the influenza vaccines will remain free for those who qualify, despite there being a diminishing supply across the country.

This year an increased demand has resulted in an early shortage across the country.

Created on: 12 June 2019