Helping Others

Jessie Gordon was born with a congenital heart defect and spent the first year of her life in hospital. The 23 year old believes it is for that reason she chose to become a nurse.  “I had some great nurses when I was little and wanted to get into a career where I could make a ‘not such great situation’ just a little better, for both the child and family.”  Jessie has been on many Heart Camps as a heart child, and is now a young adult mentor, working alongside the young helpers as their advocate.  Jessie says Heart Camp gives heart kids a chance to participate in activities they wouldn’t normally get to do, it helps many overcome fears and allows them to challenge themselves in a supportive environment. “It’s also an amazing chance to meet people from all over the country.” As well as nursing, Jessie is a qualified martial arts instructor and helps run ‘kung fu’ classes when time permits.  She says she loves coming back every year as it provides a great opportunity to catch up with life-long friends and also help the young heart kids.  “Being able to recognise some of the younger ones’ fears and anxieties and give them help and advice is incredibly rewarding.”