Young adult Heart Kids members and Covid-19

We know that Covid-19 and the lockdown period has been a hard time for nearly everybody and especially those living with a CHD -   we asked a few of our young adults what it has been like. There shared their stories with us - 

Caleb shares with us:

Covid-19 for me has been particularly draining both mentally and physically. Due to me having an underlying health condition (Congential Heart Defect), my workplace has made the decision to stand me down, for now an unkown amount of time. This decision was made for my own saftey and wellbeing. I am a Health Care Assisstant in the Emergency Department at Waikato Hospital. I have been in this role for a year now. I was working up till the 21st of March. Every day I am missing my work place and all of my wonderful colleagues. My manager has been very supportive during these tough times. Yes despite me be being at home can be tough, i've found things to keep me happy and entertained. These things being baking and photography. Like most people I can not wait to get back to work!

Mele shares with us:

Hi everyone, my name is Mele, I'm 30yrs old. I am currently residing in Sydney, Australia waiting on a heart and lung transplant. I'm being supported by my sister and relatives here in Sydney. With the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19, I have been taking extra precautions when needing to go for appointments and check up. Due to this outbreak I'm unable to go out and enjoy what Sydney has to offer and also my family not being able to come over for a visit. It's a difficult time for everyone but it can also be a very vulnerable time for those who's health is compromised. Knowing my family can't visit is obviously very hard emotionally and mentally. And also missing my support team back in Auckland. But thanks to technology we can still see each other and get through it together. Technology has also allowed me to be in touch with other heart adults, parents of heart kids and be able to join virtual Murmur groups in Auckland. And, one on one catch up with my hospital support worker from Heart Kids NZ Diane Pope. Truly blessed to still have the support of HeartKids NZ while being away from home.

Tim shares with us:

The lockdown has left me doing Uni from home. Normally time at home means a break from uni, and now it's meaning work. It's been very strange! So life has been a lot of procrastinating via Netflix and baking.

When it comes to heart kids stuff, I've been out for a walk or bike ride most days to maintain my fitness. The time at home has also given a good chance to connect with some of the other young heart adults, it's been great to find all of them well in their own lockdown bubbles.

Created on: 30 April 2020