COVID-19 August Update

Update from 17 August 2020:

As we are all aware we now face a longer period at time in the respective Level 3 and Level 2 lockdown. 

Heart Kids is in regular contact with the team at Ward 23b Starship including Charge Nurse Dawn Tucker and Dr Tom Gentles and are working together to provide relevant and up to date information, support and reassurance to our heart kids and families at this difficult time.

Note: One piece of practical advice from Dr Gentles is that heart families should vaccinate against influenza (if they haven’t already) thus avoiding the potential for combined illness.

The positive news is that as things stand at the moment treatment is continuing at Starship. However, there have been some new measures put in place.

Whilst Auckland remains in alert 3

  • Starship are continuing to provide both their acute and elective care to patients
  • Starship are actively screening all of their elective admission patients by phone and on arrival to the ward or outpatients
  • Visiting is restricted with only one care giver able to stay with their child and 1 other nominated visitor who is able to swap with the caregiver staying on 23b
  • All visitors are being screened at the hospital entrances and must provide the names of the nominated caregiver and visitor
  • No visitors under the age of 14
  • Exceptions on compassionate grounds for visiting will of course be made, such as for procedural consents, or changing of patients condition.

At this point Starship are not able to welcome our family support workers into the hospital.

We will keep you updated as we hear any furhter information.  In the meantime stay safe.


Update from 12 August 2020:

As you will be aware the government announced last night that there have been 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Auckland that at this stage cannot be traced.  Whilst those cases are being investigated the greater Auckland Area will move to alert level 3 whilst the rest of the country will move to alert level 2.

We appreciate this will cause concern for many people, however like the government we hope that this will be a short lived precautionary period. 

As a result the Support Office team will be working from home and the office will be closed for the rest of this week until further notice.  Our teams will continue to support those who need support via phone and other online online channels and we will keep you updated on any further developments both here and through our social channels.

For full clarity of what we can and can’t do under Level 2 and Level 3 refer to the government update on the COVID-19 website.

Created on: 12 August 2020