Change in Date of Education Forum

As everyone is aware New Zealand has its second confirmed case of Covid -19 (Coronavirus) and we understand that this will have caused concern within our community.

The Ministry of Health has stated that the likelihood of limited person-to-person transmission is moderate and the likelihood of sustained transmission, and widespread outbreaks, is low, although it may be higher in some settings (e.g. institutions, aged care facilities etc). As a result, we are monitoring the situation relative to our daily activities and planned events.

One activity that has been directly impacted is our Educational Forum which was planned for the beginning of August. Heart Kids has made the difficult decision to postpone the Forum until 27 / 28 March 2021.

The Education Forum was due to take place in the middle of winter when there is an increased risk of viruses (including Covid -19) spreading. It would bring together a large number of people from across New Zealand, the majority of who either have, or care for people with, heart conditions. Whilst there is no current direct specific concern for people with heart conditions we need to be mindful that those with compromised health need to be extra vigilant and will be concerned about large gatherings and travel.

Without knowing what might happen with the spread of Coronavirus to continue planning and making bookings and allowing people to book flights is a potential risk. The closer we get to an event the harder it is to change the plans, cancel or move the event. Fortunately, we could change the date with the venue without incurring any cost. Additionally, only a small number of people had booked travel to date and we have been in touch with them directly.

We understand that people were looking forward to the Forum and a considerable amount of work had already been carried out. This won’t go to waste as we will continue to develop the programme, content and overall event ready for March 2021.

Tickets for the event can still be purchased for the event next year through the booking website.

Created on: 4 March 2020