A Super-Sweet Gift in Belle's Memory

Northland siblings Jaedyn and Ruby Marris have sacrificed their own "sweet tooth" to raise money for Heart Kids.  4 year old Ruby won the giant Toblerone bar in a Pak 'n Save competition, but instead of keeping it for herself and her brother to eat, she has instead raffled it off for charity in memory of their sister Belle who passed away over 8 years ago. . 

Mum, Taryn says Ruby first wanted to break off a piece, attach it to a helium balloon and send it to heaven for their sister, but Taryn instead suggested raising money to help others like Belle. Belle had a congenital heart disease and was stillborn about 81/2 years ago.

"Heart Kids was the obvious choice," said Taryn.  On February 15, the day after Heart Kids Day, she made on a post on Facebook, including a video of 7-year-old Jaedyn and Ruby, and explained what they were doing. Mrs Marris said despite never meeting her sister, Ruby has a special connection with Belle. Ruby talks about her a lot and often wants to include Belle. The family always let off helium balloons on Belle's birthday in August.

The winner of the giant chocolate bar was announced last week and the children raised $1500 for Heart Kids.  Taryn says it exceeded all their expectations.

The cheque will be presented to Heart Kids soon. .

Created on: 28 February 2018