Specialised Heart Kids camps

Heart Kids Camps

Each year Heart Kids puts on a camp for heart children and heart teens.  For many heart children attending their school camp simply isn’t an option. Heart Kids camps make this a possibility and provides an opportunity for children and teens to come together with others in a similar situation.

Camp Brave Hearts

Camp Brave Hearts is a dynamic camp where heart kids aged between 8 and 12 years can participate in a range of outdoor activities in a fun, safe environment under the careful supervision of a medical team. Camp Brave Hearts is a great opportunity for children to try new experiences and to get to know others with similar health challenges.

Camp Teen Beat

Camp Teen Beat caters for heart teens aged between 13 to 17 years. Like the Camp for younger participants, this five-day outdoor pursuit camp focuses on learning life skills and building friendships, confidence, and self-esteem in teenagers with a childhood heart condition. It is an opportunity for them to mix with their peers, get to know others with similar experiences and challenges, as well as, where applicable, talk to professionals and other young people about their forthcoming transition into the adult cardiology wards of Auckland Hospital.