Specialised Equipment

Coagucheck Machines

These blood testing machines (designed for home use) can be provided free of charge to Heart Kids members on anti-coagulant medication.

Prior to the Anti-Coagulant Machine Project, blood testing meant lengthy visits to a laboratory or hospital and blood taken from a needle inserted into the child's vein. For the children, the tests were frightening and traumatic.

With Anti-Coagulant machines, blood testing now means no pain, no tears, nor car trips. Parents and children can conduct the required blood test themselves, at home, with just one drop of blood taken from a finger prick. It's quite simply changing lives.

Heart Kids’ Anti-Coagulant Machine Project has been running for over ten years thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsors. The machines are purchased by Heart Kids and distributed by the heart ward when the need arises.

For enquiries about the Anti-Coagulant Machine Project, please contact info@heartnz.org.nz

MedicAlert Bracelets

Members of Heart Kids can register to receive one Stainless Steel MedicAlert bracelet funded by Heart Kids. The bracelet contains the toll-free number of a specialised emergency response centre. Emergency responders can call the centre to quickly access the wearer’s medical information, enabling appropriate emergency treatment.

If you’re a member of Heart Kids who would like to receive a free MedicAlert bracelet, please contact us for the MedicAlert Enrolment Form. We will send your enrolment form to MedicAlert for processing. Please note that you also need to have your GP complete and sign the Enrolment Form. 

If you are interested to receive a free MedicAlert bracelet, please contact info@heartnz.org.nz