Family days and Murmurs Coffee Groups

Murmurs Coffee Groups

Murmurs coffee groups are managed by Heart Kids Family Support teams in conjunction with local branches.

Group facilitators are made up of Family Support Workers and trained volunteers, who are often heart mums or dads. They have a good understanding of the journey Heart Kids families travel and are passionate about supporting other families with similar needs.

Most Murmurs groups meet on a monthly basis and are open to parents and caregivers of Heart Kids. All members are welcome and it is a great opportunity for new heart families to meet and connect with others in similar situations. Heart Kids and their siblings are also welcome – let the kids play while you enjoy coffee and snacks on us!

Family days

Family days are organised by local branches and provide families with a chance to meet up with other heart families who live in the region, and share their knowledge and experiences.

These days can take any shape, and usually involve lots of fun activities for everyone.

Check out your local branch for dates and times of Murmurs Groups and Family Days