Jinhan Li

Zhengzheng - the brave warrior

His parents call him Zhengzheng, the Manadarin word for brave warrior, and it couldn’t be more fitting. This little guy has spent his entire life in hospital.  The sterile environment has been his home since the day he was born, 15th May 2018.

While he has visited his home on the North Shore of Auckland, it’s only been for a few hours. He needs round the clock supervision and constantly has to have his windpipe suctioned. 

Born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a combination of four heart defects, tracheomalacia which means is the collapse of the airway when breathing, along with other medical issues, the odds were stacked against baby Jinhan.  But his mother Yanan says he was a born fighter.  While there were times when she personally wanted to give up, her baby boy never did. 

“It was an incredibly isolating time for me and my husband.  We had no family in New Zealand and we didn’t want to share our news with anyone. I was so deeply depressed, so desperate, that every day I felt like dying.  I didn’t know how I was going to cope.”

It’s hard to believe now as you look at this natural mother who is so obviously in love with her gorgeous baby boy.  But thanks to the support of organisations like Heart Kids the couple are now looking forward to the future.  “Katya and Nana Maree from Heart Kids were my saviours in hospital.  Their kind heartedness, compassion and caring and the information they were able to give me, helped so much.”

While Jinhan’s heart is working as well as can be expected for the moment, he remains in hospital with a tracheal tube which helps him breathe and he is fed through a stomach tube. 

Once his windpipe is fixed they’re hoping he will finally get to come home.