Ishaan Greenwood

Ishaan’s diagnosis was a complete shock for his family

Ishaan's Story

It was three years before Ishaan was diagnosed with a heart condition. Up until then he hadn’t shown any symptoms or signs of a problem.

But when he developed a cold and was taken to his GP, the doctor picked up a heart murmur. They discovered Ishaan had an Atrial Septal Defect (a hole in his heart) and a cleft in one of his mitral valve. He underwent his first open-heart surgery at the age of four.

For Ishaan and his parents this was a terrifying time. The diagnosis was a complete shock to everyone and almost unbelievable. Having to send a terrified four-year- old into surgery was the hardest thing Mala and Michael have ever done. Fortunately Ishaan bounced back after his surgery and was discharged within a week. Ishaan shouldn’t need any further surgery but like all children will require ongoing monitoring.    

Ishaan is a kind caring boy who loves music and swimming. He has become very independent and confident, and is eager to try new things especially if they’re adventurous and fun!

Through the family’s involvement with Heart Kids Ishaan loves meeting other children with heart defects. He knows there are other kids out there like him, that have been through the same experiences he has. It is much the same for Mala and Michael. “It’s the people that we’ve met through Heart Kids who are the only ones that truly understand what it’s like.Being able to talk to families that have been through the same thing has been really comforting for us. We’ve felt supported, less alone and less isolated”.