Ida Craig

Ida's Heart Journey

Arna and Layton Craig had no idea their wee girl was in heart failure when they took her to a doctor at just nine months old.  She wasn't feeding well, not gaining weight and had a really bad cough. 

Arna says her doctor gave Ida an X-ray which showed an enlarged heart. She was rushed from Wanaka to Dunedin hospital where she was given an ECG and ECHO.  The results showed multiple heart defects to the left side of her heart.

Ida was flown up to Starship Hospital in Auckland where she spent the next two and a half months. Arna and Layton say their world was turned upside down in just 12 hours.  Ida has had two open heart surgeries and will face further surgeries throughout her life. 

Heart Kids been there for the family from day one.  You can hear all about their journey by watching their video on our YouTube channel.