Cohen Verwey

Bay of Plenty Brave Heart battles the odds

Cohen was just 3 days old when it was discovered he had a heart murmur at a midwife visit. Following a number of investigations he was found to have a VSD, then later discovered he also had a right sided aortic arch with an abherrant subclavian artery. In laypersons terms he had an artery wrapped around his esophagus and trachea, making breathing and eating difficult. 

Vomiting was a daily occurrence due to the blockage, eventually resulting in a feeding tube. Cohen also has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome which has caused an array of health issues and delays . 

Heart surgery for Cohen was performed in Melbourne at the Royal Children’s Hospital and he had a number of surgeries in Starship prior to traveling to Melbourne for the heart operation. 

A constant throughout the journey was Heart Kids. The support worker visits/phonecalls, the safe place to meet other mums at the murmurs coffee groups and the other events organized by Heart Kids were all helpful ways to feel not so alone in the heart journey. 

Our Heart Kids support worker Leanne has also been a great advocate through difficult times in the journey for care. We are so greatful to have Heart Kids in our lives.