Board Members

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Heart Kids is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of families with one or more child living with a heart condition, and we receive no government funding. We rely solely on the generous support from our wonderful community and supporters to provide the services we do for heart families.

Kate Figgins - CEO / Board Secretary

Kate is an Adult Heart Kid and also the sibling of a Heart Angel. Her mother Michelle is one of the co-founders of Heart Children NZ and her family has since had a long association with HKNZ. Kate is the current Board Secretary as well as the CEO.

Ross Blackler - Chairman

Ross has been involved with Heart Kids for the past 16 years. For 14 of those years he has been a board member representing the Upper South Island Region. He and his wife Susie have two children including heart child Grace. He is the Credit and Membership manager for Foodstuffs South Island.

Mark Philips - Young Adult Representative

Donna Jujnovich - Member Representative

Alex Wilson - Member Representative

Cherie Powrie - Appointed Representative

Bryan McEwen - Member Representative